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Due to the nature of our classes that are well known for being creative, educational and most of all fun, there was an ever increasing call for us to run our classes within nurseries and schools. With that incredible demand, we at Little Kickers developed a programme specifically built for nurseries and schools to be rolled out across the country. Following a successful launch, Little Kickers proudly run sessions up and down the country and continue to grow as more and more nursery owners and school teachers see the benefit our classes are having on the children nationwide.


It goes without saying that promoting the children's physical development is a key attribute of our sessions. Not only do we make them aware of, and more confident in, their own abilities, we also help them to develop their balance, awareness, motor skills and other physical characteristics amongst many others. 

The children are encouraged to play games and use their imaginations, whilst running around and having lots of fun. Children learn most effectively through active play, proven in numerous studies (Fromberg & Gullo 1992, Frost 1992, Rogers & Sawyer 1988). Our programme has been developed by professionals from a number of different fields and, in addition to engaging children through fun and creative play, it also promotes the development of a wide range of early learning skills. 


Using techniques that have been developed by industry experts and our Little Kickers coaches, the children are challenged to use various parts of their body to control the ball. Not only does this process help them learn body parts, but it also makes them aware of each specific body parts' capabilities, movement and limitations. We ensure that the children learn how to move with confidence, control and coordination, emphasising the importance of doing so in ways which are safe to themselves and those around them. 


Skills are developed naturally within our imaginative sessions. Not only do we offer the children options and give them decision making tasks, we also invite the children to use their own imaginations and initiate their own ideas. We love the fact our children have vibrant imaginations and we use this to our advantage - children are better able to concentrate, and remain much more engaged throughout the classes if their imaginations are fired. The vast majority of our games have been specifically designed to complement the learning and development requirements as outlined in the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) agenda. 


We implement creative themes within all our imaginative games. This not only retains the children's attention but it also gives them awareness of different cultures, important events, countries and various other aspects of understanding the world in which we live. This is whilst in an environments that promotes development of personal, social and emotional qualities. 


We ensure that each child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through areas of learning and development as set out by the EYFS framework.

 Communication and language.

 Physical development.

 Personal, social and emotional development.



 Understanding the world. We also cover a whole host of other aspects including colour recognition, body  parts and problem solving. 


A fantastic session for your pre-school children to play some wonderful imaginative games all based around football. Whilst playing they will develop their social skills and learn their numbers and colours. You will be amazed at what two and three year olds can do during a Little Kickers session.

Chris Hill. Head Teacher. 

The children enjoy the sessions and develop not only physically and socially but also psychologically as they come away displaying their pleasure at being involved in the activities. The sessions are inclusive of all the children as no child is left on the side lines as games can be accessed at each child's own level. 

Faith Firkins - Teacher


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